black girl media magic Is a love story

Our History

First thing's first - We founded this company because we love each other and love our community. We met on a college visit way back in the day and have been stuck like glue since then.

Once we grew up a little - we became experts in our chosen fields, but became frustrated because, often, the folks we work with or for, weren't invested in the growth and strengthening of our community.

It's all love - we do this work because we love it, we love each other (bffs for life!) and love our people. We love our clients and as such, work relentlessly to ensure they all achieve their visions. .


We decided to get free - and be our own bosses in March 2017 and launched later that year. 

We're still accepting clients - we'd be happy to work with you!

We know our worth - we may be new to consulting, but we aren't new to film and tv production, writing, editing, school development, anti-racist trainings and social and traditional media. We will help you set impressive goals and reach them. We'll also charge you the right amount. It won't be cheap - but it will absolutely be worth it.

We're bicoastal - we work primarily in California, New York and New Orleans, but are happy to consult with you no matter where you are. We can work with you in English, Spanish or French.

We have a bright future - we love doing this work and are always interested in supporting and loving our community. Connect with us as we lift our people up!



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