What We Do 

We've done work in and are happy to partner with clients who seek the following services. Note that we work exclusively with companies and organizations that are run by or seek to work with Black communities (though organizations needn't only serve Black communities. We just love diversity and think everyone should be committed to it). 

  • Non Profit and For Profit Stategic Marketing Plan Development (Including branding. We love logos and brand marketing kits!) 
  • Website design and content creation
  • School Culture Improvement
  • Anti-Racist Trainings for Organizations
  • Copyediting (Adrienne's grammar was corrected at the dinner table; she comes by editing quite naturally) 
  • Curriculum Development (Adrienne helped City Year revise their math training materials)
  • Video Production
  • Content Production 
  • Screenplay and fiction pitching (Justine is literally the master of the pitch. She simply doesn't get turned down) 

How we work 

Once you let us know you're interested in working together we'll hop on the phone with you for a free consultation

Then we'll develop a plan specifically tailored to your needs. Once we understand you're challenge, we'll come out to see how it plays out in action. Then we'll:

  • Develop big goals, interim goals and a strategic plan that makes sure you win
  • Develop a toolkit and train your team on how to use it (we believe in building capacity)
  • Use the toolkit to ensure you meet (and often exceed) your big goals. We're here for the W. 
  • Celebrate your success! 

Ready to win? Reach out to us today! 

How much We charge

We ensure our clients win. Always. 

Our rates reflect that. Once we know more about your project you can choose to keep us on retainer or book us for a day, week, month or multiple months on a long term project. Connect with us for more info!