"Adrienne is the most effective culture leader I’ve met. She completely turned our 8th grade around, nearly eliminated suspensions and built classrooms where children were not just learning but saw themselves as leaders. She built a leadership program at our school that completely transformed the culture of an entire grade level. Her team became a family. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Angela, Dean of Students


"To work with Adrienne is to love her. She brings results, but also brings a fierce love and respect for children and families. Adrienne led us to integrate family communication using social media and changed our culture from one where teachers were struggling to get kids in seats and on task to an environment where students couldn’t wait to earn ‘house points’ by doing well on their exit tickets. Parents were thrilled, and our engagement shot through the roof. Adrienne leads with passion, creativity and love."

Iliana, Assistant Principal 


"We had Adrienne and Justine on retainer and they saved us from what would have been a PR disaster. With Justine’s production knowledge and Adrienne’s coaching on messaging we were able to morph our problematic campaign into something that effectively reached our target market. We plan on bringing them back for a diversity training so all of marketing staff can get on their level!"

Charlie, VP of Marketing